Farmers in the coffee lab?

Farmers in the coffee lab?

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You probably don’t imagine farmers tinkering with a roaster in the coffee lab.

With specialty coffee, it’s different.

Any misstep, any lack of care, and a coffee can plummet right off the cupping table. Specialty coffee takes many hands and minds to curate.

That’s why Abira built a lab in Medellin. So we can really check ourselves.

Wearing the hat of the farmer and exporter means we have two sets of responsibilities. The lab is where we assess our farm work, and the man in charge of the lab is David Gallon. He brings years of quality control experience to the team, having worked with La Cooperative de los Andes (the largest coop in Colombia) for many years. Under his guidance, Abira is investigating quality from many angles.

Why are certain lots cupping better than others? What happens in the cup if we intercrop this lot? Is our broca control effective? Is the wet mill fermentation consistent month over month? What if we prolong it 4 hours? Where can we tighten up operations to preserve cup quality? These are David’s ponderings…

Before a container ships out, we analyze and cup each lot several times. Our baby Diedrich sure is pretty, but it also unlocks a wealth of information with the help of calibrated pallets. Using Cropster, we can share roast and flavor profiles with partners to help them discover the right roast for their offering.

Interested in our current offerings? Email us at [email protected] to learn which Abira coffees is right for you.

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