Our Coffees

This term was first used to refer to beans of the best flavors, produced in unique microclimates. Nowadays, a specialty coffee must achieve a minimum score of 80 points out of 100 according to the Specialty Coffee Association cupping protocol, and can be distinguished by its aroma, flavor, personality and an absence of defects. 

Colombia is known for being a top producer of specialty coffee. Specialty coffee means every single step of production from the seed to the cup has been perfectly executed with passion and attention to detail, in order to yield a top quality coffee. 

Cultivating, collecting, processing, stocking, transporting, roasting… If any of these steps is overlooked, the likelihood of a coffee achieving specialty status will be significantly lowered due to damage or inconsistencies.

At Abira, our best coffee owes its “specialty” qualification mainly to the ideal nurturing environment within which it grows. Our coffee plantations are located in highland areas where common coffee plagues and diseases are unlikely to develop and affect the crops.

This wide range of favorable environmental conditions not only makes our coffee unique, but also ensures its quality. Finally, every bean from our farms is hand-picked which guarantees that only the best cherries are collected, hence avoiding the presence of astringent beans.

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