Our Ecosystem


Continuously assess and transform our operational activities across all parts of cultivation and processing to create a more efficient, circular and sustainable system. Enable all participants in our coffee value chain through end consumers to partner with us in this effort and improve our daily impact through conscious production and consumption.

Our Team

Growing coffee is hard work that takes constant dedication. Our year round team climbs up and down the mountains more times than we can count to tend the farms and ecosystems they inhabit. To support our team members we have created several programs geared towards constantly improving work and life conditions on the farm year round. In an industry of cyclical harvests, this is uncommon. We’re proud to have a unified team that has the support to stay focused all year long.

Worker Wellbeing Program


Empower all of the people who help bring our coffee to market to thrive at work, at home, and in their communities. Embed workers’ wellbeing into everything that we do from the ground up.

Our Community

Coffee is more than a plant. It’s a culture, a livelihood, and a global community. Our roots are in Salgar and we’re working to grow with our town’s families by acting as an integrated, positive force.

Mission: Partner with our local communities to provide families with support, economic opportunity, and improve the vitality and resilience of community life in Salgar. Become an integrated, positive force for the community.