School’s back for the winter

School’s back for the winter

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The world is finally waking up to the reality of coffee’s challenges- did that last cup do the trick?

People respect (and we’re happy to say, are starting to expect) responsible production methods that are environmentally and socially conscious. Think for a moment, “who had a hand in making this coffee? Who all is impacted by its production?”

Abira is just a baby in the coffee world- our 2nd birthday is coming up in March (we’ll save you a slice of cake!)- but youth is no excuse for irresponsible behavior as a business.

That’s why we are exploring way to involve ourselves with the Salgar community- our community.

Salgar is rich in cultura cafetera (coffee growing culture). “Rich” is a misleading adjective here, because while people are not necessarily poor, life is simple.

The reality is many kids have no intention of going to university. Working on a coffee farm or at a local shop in town is the norm. Many who are born in Salgar remain here their whole life- for this reason the town has seen very little development over the years. There is wisdom in simplicity, but we’d like to support the long term growth of our town, and that begins with education.

Earlier this month, our team set up a school drive to prepare Salgar’s kids for the new school year. Donating notebooks, pencils, and markers might not change any lives, however, it will help kids better enjoy class and, perhaps for a few, eventually help them understand that they’d like to pursue a higher education.

The Salgar community is in the process of rolling out our social initiative program; we’ll keep you posted as this unfolds.

Want to get involved? Interested in learning about some of our other projects? Click here to get in touch.

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